What Do You Love About Eltham?

Last Saturday we took a team out into Passey Place on Eltham high-street to find out and to celebrate what you Love about Eltham...and loads of you got involved and joined in the fun! Missed it? Check out this little video below:

We just wanted to take a minute to say a huge thanks to everyone who stopped to say hey and share with us what you love about your town. We loved meeting you all and as it turns out it seems like Eltham is loved for hundreds of different reasons! 


Thanks also to those who suggested potential ways for us to help serve the local community. The whole purpose of 'Love Eltham' is to help, serve and show people in Eltham that someone cares enough to do something about some of the areas that need a bit of love and care. Finding these projects for our team of volunteers isn't always straight forward and takes time and heaps of preparation, so please continue to let us know if we can help you, a relative or neighbour in a practical way in Eltham. We are looking for projects like tidying up an overgrown garden, clearing up litter, or painting a shed or fence! We really would love to help where help is needed. 

If you have any project ideas please send them through to Chris at info@loveeltham.org and we will do our best to help out wherever we can.

As usual massive thanks to all our volunteers that joined us last Saturday to make this possible. Hats off to you all!

(Shout out and thanks also to Josh Hales for putting together this awesome little video of the day!)